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Application Product

■ TICS (Toyotsu Information Collaboration System)
■ Warehouse Management System
■ Gentani Management System
■ Bonded Inventory System
■ E-Faktur
■ Andal
■ Print e-Kanban System
■ Gohin System (Kanban Verification System)
■ TopicsAlpha

TICS ( Toyotsu Information Collaboration System)

TICS was establish and implementing in Toyota Tsusho Indonesia at November 2011. TICS for TTI is Desktop Application Warehouse Module used to manage inventory, TICS Application is used for transaction warehouse such as Inbound and Outbound, and easy user to show summary report or inquiry such as profit sales, analysis budget, monitoring daily stock and receiving activities,etc.

TICS on Web for TTTEI is online application used to get report / inquiry of stock, simulation, and forecast data. All report can be exported to microsoft excel

Our Support Includes :

■ Technical Support
■ Setup
■ Maintenance
■ Development
■ Application Support
■ Data Back up
■ Trouble Shooting
■ System Monitoring
■ Manual Book

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System (WMS) was establish and implementing in Toyota Tsusho Indonesia , WMS is a desktop based application that can help you in controlling the process of storing the stock of goods in the warehouse with a FIFO (First In First Out).

Features of WMS

■ Multi-User Function : It Can be run by Multiple User
■ Inbound Function : It Consist of the devanning, Unpacking, and putaway.
■ Outbound Function : It Consist of Delivery Instruction, Allocation Part, Picking Out Delivery.
■ Movement Function: Return Part, NG Part & Scrap
■ Split Label Function : Give the information box part, used when recording using the scanner
■ Kanban Delivery Function : PRL (Part Requirement List), BOM (Bill of Material)
■ Stock Control Function : Providing inbound and outbound stock information
■ Mail Function Alarm Stock: Provide information on the state of stock based on the scope of delivery.
■ Stock Simulation Function : Useful to simulate the existing stock and delivery process at the customer.
■ Barcode Support : To avoid errors in recording inventory, wms has supported the use of BHT Scanner.

It also must be able to accelerate in the listing process.

Gentani Management System

■ Gentani Management System ( GEMAS) is Web Application for PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia in the process of determining the current value of Gentani still use manual and Microsoft Excel are used as tools help them.
■ For that they need a system that can simplify the process for determining the value of Gentani and manage production data as a data source for Gentani.
■ Gentani Management System is expected to accommodate all of the above.


■ E-faktur is an electronic tax invoice application provided by Government for all companies in Indonesia effectively on 1st July 2015.
■ TTNI will assist the customer to develop E-Faktur web based application.

E-Faktur Development Benefits :

■ Simplify process for tax invoice creation.
■ Integrated with application already used in company example ERP System and Tax E-FAKTUR application.
■ Reduce cost due to fewer errors in manual process.
■ Reduce cost due to paperless process.
■ Less time spent on administrative duties.

Andal Software

TTNI and Andal Software cooperate in this matter to offering Andal PayMaster 2016, a payroll package software that manage the cycle of payroll, starting from the process of attendance data, overtime, Income Taxes, BPJS which has helped more than 500 companies with various types of business line in Indonesia.

Andal PayMaster 2016 has “parameter settings” that fairly complete for each module including Attendance, Payroll, PPH 21, BPJS so it can be set according to customer requirements. Using this concept, customers will be no longer dependent on Andal Software to modify the program, but simply by changing the parameters to be adjusted with company policy.

In addition to meeting the needs of the employee payroll management Andal PayMaster 2016 is equipped with the function of “search” that is easy to use and has a “dashboard” that can be used to analyze payroll data such as the value of overtime per department, list of employees will be out of contract. “Dashboard” will provide convenience for the Company to determine the policy or decisions regarding payroll and HR management.

Moreover, we also offer Andal Linkage 2016 is an additional module for the Employee Self Service which can be accessed via smartphones and tablets, so that employees are provided with access to view personal data, overtime & leave request and approval process transactions. Andal Linkage 2016 will accelerate work processes and reduce the use of paper (paperless) because of all digital-based transactions.
Download Brosur

Print e-Kanban System

Customer’s Kanban Printing System

Print e-KANBAN System is able to print e-KANBAN in picking order by importing the data from the received order. Furthermore, it is able to automatically cut KANBAN.
print e-kanban

■ Automatically print to single KANBAN size.
■ Control printing order in accordance with the situation.
■ No need to manual cut.
■ Sorting automatically by system selected.

Gohin System (Kanban Verification System)

Gohin check system prevent mistakenly picking and delivering by checking the customer provided KANBAN QR codes VS in-plant KANBAN QR codes.
Gohin system


Cloud Based Kanban Procurement System

TopicsAlpha is a procurement system that is able to place parts order from same KANBAN which parts already been consumed using KANBAN.

■ Calculate active KANBAN QTY by inputting KANBAN cycle and material requirement.
■ Create order data after applying KANBAN control function. Furthermore, it is able to print forms.
■ Input accurate receive QTY by scanning KANBAN putting on box.
■ Visual management of delivery delayand delivery progress.
■ Create printing KANBAN data by managing in-process KANBAN master.
■ Output KANBAN fluctuation instruction by inputting material requirement.