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Sage 300 ERP is the most comprehensive financial suite by Sage for mid-sized and smaller businesses looking to connect all operations enterprise-wide and access intelligent insight that drives global growth and profitability. Sage 300 ERP solutions (formerly Sage ERP Accpac) deliver the best of both worlds—providing you the freedom to choose between on-premises and online deployment options. Both will help you interconnect processes from each functional area of your business securely and in real time, bringing front-office and back-office operations into alignment.

Our customers who already use SAGE 300 ERP :
1. PT. Asno Horie Indonesia
2. PT. Automotive Fasteners Aoyama Indonesia
3. PT. Shiroki Indonesia
4. PT. Toyota Tsusho Tomen Electronics Indonesia
5. PT. TT Techno Park Indonesia
6. PT. Tokai Rika Indonesia
7. PT. Toyota Tsusho Mechanical & Engineering Service Indonesia
8. PT. TT Metal Indonesia
9. PT. Kyokuyo Industrial Indonesia
10. PT. TTL Residences

Document Management System

TTNI Indonesia provides solution for Human Resources Management System.
We have SPISy Application & Andal PayMaster 2014.

■ SPISy stands for Strategic Personnel Information System, a system which not only manages
data or effectively and accurately calculates personnel payroll, but also functions as a system which can assist the company to achieve its strategic goals, especially in the field of human resources.

■ Andal PayMaster 2014 is payroll application equipped with module attendance, salary and Tax 21 which integrated to handling of company’s payroll.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is

■ Computer Coded
■ Programs that replace human performing repetitive rules-based task
■ Cross-functional and cross-application macros

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is not

■ Walking, talking auto bots
■ Physically existing machines processing paper
■ Artificial intelligence or voice recognition and reply software

Example of How RPA Works

RPA Works

Example of Replaceable Task:

■ Accounting
– AP/AR Journalize
– Bank Reconciliation
– Invoicing
– Making Journal
■ Human Resource
– HR data register to systems
– Leave request registration
■ IT
– Add New Account
– Initialize PC
– Data migration
– Remote patching
– Data Process

RPA Benefit


Internet of Think (IoT)

OEE Solution

■ Real time and Online monitoring (web based)
■ Production Monitoring (OEE Report, Dashboard Manager, Process Activity)
■ Maintenance Monitoring (Andon, Predicts, Downtime Detail)

Production Monitoring

Production Monitoring


FactoryQube Benefit are
■ Low initial investment (Cloud Based)
■ Able to know the accurate running condition by collecting running data with sensor (Big Data)
■ Able to make KAIZEN plan by knowing the bottleneck process from daily to monthly basis of machine running condition
■ Able to anticipate the maintenance timing by measure total running time

Factory Visualization Solution

Factory Visualization Solution

Digital Picking

Digital Picking System is simple add on to your inventory but it increase effectiveness to your picking.

Flow Digital Picking

Operation Example

Benefit Digital Picking