PT TT Network Integration Indonesia Information Security Policy

Security is everyone’s responsibility.

Maintaining an effective and efficient security posture for TTNI Indonesia require a proactive stance on security issues from everyone.  Security is not “somebody else’s problem;” everyone who works with / for TTNI Indonesia has the responsibility to adhere to the security policies and procedures of the company and to take issue with those who are not doing the same.

Security is a business enabler.

A strong security foundation, proactively enabled and maintained, becomes an effective market differentiator for our company.  Security has a direct impact on our viability within the marketplace, and must be treated as a valued commodity.

Information Security Initiatives

Recognizing the importance of information security, our company has established a management system to deal with information security-related risks. The company maintains and complies with relevant rules and guidelines, and periodically reviews these rules to ensure appropriate management on an ongoing basis.

Information asset management

We will manage its information assets (including personal information and specific personal information) in an appropriate manner to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability, and will endeavor to ensure that there is no unauthorized access, leakage, loss, or step loss of any information assets.

Response to incidents and accidents

We strive to prevent incidents and accidents related to information security. We will work to prevent a recurrence by responding quickly to the accident and investigating the cause.

Information security education

We will educate all executives and employees on the importance of the proper management of information assets, and our company will continue to provide information security education.

Efforts for Digital Transformation

As part of its digital transformation efforts to create new added value and transform its business model, our company places top priority on providing safe and secure services to customers and society, and we are taking adequate security measures.




Yukihiro Fuwa

President Director