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Virtualization Solution

TTNI delivers the best software solutions. We provide virtualization technology that is suitable for your organization.

Our software solutions :


Vmware provides cloud, virtualization software and services to help customers be more agile, responsive and profitable.
VMware virtualization solutions are built on Vmware vSphere® with Operation Management™ the leading virtualization and cloud management platform.

a. Virtualization and Cloud Management Solutions

The virtualization and cloud management solutions deliver the automation, operations and business management capabilities that make IT a strategic partner to the business. It optimizes for vSphere environments, but also work with heterogeneous and hybrid cloud, as well as traditional and cloud-native applications they support.

b. Virtualization and Cloud Management Extensions

Vmware offers a combined total of over 110 different plugins, application blueprints, content and management packs that extend and simplify management of heterogeneous and hybrid environments.


TTNI offers Hyper-V, a tight server virtualization from Microsoft. Microsoft offers attractive licensing for its Hyper-V product and the operating systems that live on it. For all Microsoft shops, Hyper-V is a competitive solution. And, for those who have used Microsoft’s Virtual PC product, virtual machines migrate to Hyper-V quite nicely.

The Virtualization Technology we could offer you :

The benefits of Network Virtualization :
1. Rapid Provisioning
2. Non-disruptive deployment
3. Automated Maintenance
4. Support for both legacy and new applications

Applications run on the virtual network exactly the same as if on physical network.

Server Virtualization

Using server virtualization, multiple operating systems are able to run on a single physical server as virtual machines, each with access to the underlying server’s computing resources.
Server virtualization addresses the inefficiencies of server sprawl and complexity where most servers operate at less than 15% of capacity.

Storage Virtualization

TTNI provides virtual storage from where nowadays huge data volumes and real-time applications are pushing storage demands to new level. Virtual SAN offers simplified, policy based provisioning and it is easily managed both compute and storage through a single interface.

The Benefits of Storage Virtualization :
1. Significantly improve storage resource utilization and flexibility.
2. Simplify OS patching and driver requirements, regardless of storage topology
3. Increase application uptime and simplify day-to-day operations
4. Leverage and complement your existing storage infrastructure

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